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Internet Gaming Addiction

Many experts agree that fostering balanced uses of social media and gaming is more likely to be successful than strict and uncompromising rules.

We have developed a Smart Cord for helping parents control game consoles and TVs.

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It is a Video Game agreement from our friends 

at Panda , and helps parents and kids 

discuss video game usage and expectations.

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Parental Controls Breakdown


Parental Controls are features built into almost every internet-capable device such as computers, game consoles, smartphones, and tablets. These features are often utilized when children are not abiding by common sense screen limits such as:

1. Spending hours online gaming and refusing to stop or become angry when asked.


2. Inappropriate amounts of time spent on social media accounts.

3. Easily distracted from online school courses by Youtube videos.

Security features are included or can be added to almost all current WiFi routers. These features can be used to:

1. Protect children from phishing scams and adult web sites.

2. Restrict types of reachable content 

3.  Monitoring can also be set up for protection against cyberbullying and online predators.

Internet safety for kids

Parents today find it difficult to monitor their children's online studies, gaming buddies, or browser searches. There just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day. Some useful applications and built-in features help with the task of managing and monitoring smartphones, tablets, and game consoles. These usually fall under the title of "Parental Controls".

I'm a parent also and have provided children's internet safety workshops for other parents and cybersecurity classes for seniors.

We help parents and teachers understand and set

limits on kids' electronic devices. 

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