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I have a 13 year son who has all the same issues as most kids his age, such as growing up too fast, growing out of clothes and shoes, eating and sleeping a lot. With today's wide spread broadband and well developed smart phones he also has unprecedented access to internet content any where any time. As Parents my wife and I worry about the implications of such unrestricted easy access, not to mention the number of hours consumed by online gaming. Several parents at my sons school where familiar with my background in networks and engineering and asked if I could help them with their struggles regarding internet exposure and gaming addictions in their kids.

My name is Jim Zelony, owner /operator of OmegaPackets LLC an IT Support Company located in Morgan Hill, CA. Most of my career has been spent in software and network testing which span more than 25 years. I worked at Cisco Systems for 13 years as a Network and Software Quality Assurance Engineer. I also have a Network Engineer Certification from Cisco Systems.

OmegaPackets specializes in helping Parents reach their goals in a complicated landscape of internet technology, and mobile device security.  We have designed a comprehensive program to help keep you and your kids safe from hackers and adult level content. This program has been toughened through layers of technology applied to each device and periodic monitoring for new devices and changes or tampering.

For small business owners we implement WiFi gateway security protocols without compromising mission critical functions. We can help extend the reach of your WiFi network and install additional layers of network security to laptops and mobile devices.

I am a member of the CoPilots Tech Support Team at Morgan Hills Senior Center and have a current Live Scan

report on file with the MHPD. I am an alumni of the CAPE program at Santa Clara University, Leavey School of Business and have worked at several startups in Silicon Valley. 

If you have a home network or screen time addiction issue, we have solutions.


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