Welcome to our Pilot Program!!



1. Patent Pending Design:

2. Guaranteed refundable deposit

3. Register online with a credit card for $19.99 and use for free for 14 days.

4. Smart Cord has unique plug design which fits most TVs,

Play Stations and Xbox game consoles.

5. Simply replace current device cord with new Smart Cord.

6. Technical Support available.



1. Simple and Easy to use

2. Pairs with iPhone or Android

3. Kid Friendly design

4. Tamper Proof



1. Designed for Play Station versions 2-4

2. Designed for Xbox versions 2-5

3. Alerts parents when plug goes offline

4. Supports scheduling

5. Can be controled directly from Smart Phone

Enforcer Smart Cord - Pilot Program

  • Use free for 14 days and return for full refund.

    Customer will pay shipping fees.